21 Savage Deported


Jalen Lewis


On February 3, 2019 Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, better known as 21 Savage, was detained by ICE (U.S Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) for illegally being in the United States. It was reported that 21 Savage is from England and came here at the age of 7 on a visa that has now been expired. His birth certificate was released and confirmed that he was in fact born in East London. This was a shock to fans because 21 Savage often raps about the struggles of growing up in Atlanta and living in Zone 6.  Ashley Razo ‘20 said, “ It was a facade that 21 was putting on. It would have been more real if he was upfront with the truth because this came as a surprise to everyone.”

21 Savage has received a ton of support from other artists in the music industry as well as his fans. This news went viral not only from the support, but from the memes of him which included him rapping in a British accent. Even celebrities tuned into the jokes presented on social media. Singer Demi Lovato commented on the hilarity of the scandal and immediately received blowback from fans on twitter. Julian Green ‘19 said, “I thought the memes were hilarious and I feel bad for Demi Lovato. They did not have to call her a crackhead just because she said the memes were funny.”

It has been reported that he filed for a new visa in 2017 but it is still pending. February 13, 2019 21 Savage was released on bond from the detention center, but it is said that he could still end up being deported. Keenan Jones ‘19 said, “Dang, I think it’s bogus what they did to him and I hope he doesn’t end up being deported.” Hopefully for the sake of music we’ll continue to get more 21 savage albums, even if they come from England.