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Start of Bowling Season

Enrique Fuentes, Editor

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When asked how he thought the bowling team would do this year Stanley Cannon ‘22  said, “Wait, we have a bowling team.”  Sadly, Stanley’s not alone. any students don’t know about the Whitney Young Bowling Team.

This Wednesday November 8th, the boy’s bowling team rolled off to a great start to their season. Their first game against Lindbloom at Bluebird Lanes started off with a three hundred pin lead in the first game.

The starting five, out of the ten person team,  were Terik Priest ‘18, Tommy Hayes ‘19, Jeffrey, Enrique Fuentes ‘18, and Lewis Baer ‘21.  The quintet  really put the team on a good track for the season.

Constantine Stake ‘19, also known as ‘Cal,’ said he enjoys being on the bowling team because “there’s so much energy in the bowling alley. Everyone on the team really supports each other.”

For the past few weeks the Whitney Young Boys Bowling team has been practicing at Diversey River Bowl on Tuesdays after school.

Whitney Young expects great things from their bowling team this year, who are rolling to a great start

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Start of Bowling Season