Whitney Young Students Excited to Windex the Bean


Dearborn Plys, Editor

Chicago’s latest Facebook meme has a been a series of increasingly absurd events all taking place at Chicago’s most popular public artwork:The Bean.

These events range from theoretically possible events like “Windex the Bean”, to events like “Release the bean into Lake Michigan and shout ‘You’re Free!’” which would require carrying 110 tons of stainless steel about three blocks east and then dropping it into the Lake.

These Facebook events have been getting huge numbers of RSVPs, including some from Whitney Young students. Shania Haynes ‘18 is RSVP’d for “Cry at the Bean knowing no goth girl will ever love you” she says it’s because “I love to cry in public, I’m the real Illinois Sad Boi.” Eden Strong ‘18, who RSVP’d for “Bake the Bean 2017” says that “Baking the Bean is gonna be gucc. Anyone that knows me knows that I derive an unscrupulous amount of joy from baking other people and making them feel bad.”

Another strain of Bean events are based on annoying it’s artist, Anish Kapoor. This isn’t the first time Kapoor has been under fire in relation to his installations. Kaleigh Peng 19’ is RSVP’d for “Paint the Bean the ‘Pinkest Pink’ to annoy sculptor Anish Kapoor” an event that harkens back to Kapoor’s controversial licensing of Vantablack, the blackest substance known to exist, for his exclusive artistic use. In response to only Kapoor being allowed to use Vantablack, a paint called “The Pinkest Pink” was manufactured and sold with it’s only guideline use being that users were not allowed to share the Pinkest Pink with Kapoor, and needed to make a conscious effort to keep Kapoor from getting any of the Pinkest Pink.

These Bean events are mostly slated to take place in early November, so stay tuned to find out if the thousands of people who have RSVP’d for these events will actually meet and if they will actually attempt to Windex, paint, or replace the Bean.