What to Buy Your Special Him for Valentine’s Day

Here at The Beacon, we know that Valentine’s Day is highly anticipated, mostly for the great gifts one receives from their significant other. If you have a boyfriend (and a budget) you can refer to this list for gift inspiration. This Valentine’s Day is one for the books.


UNDER 20: This category is for when you don’t want to spend that much on him because you’re just not that into him yet, but you want to let him know there is potential for a new flame to flourish.

For whenever he wants to play a quick game of basketball with his friends. ($10.99)

When he starts to doubt himself and his abilities, he can always look down at this shirt as a reminder to just believe. ($16.97)

Protect his phone so he can ALWAYS text back! ($20.56)


UNDER 50: The gifts for when you’re hinting at him that you’re serious, and want him to make it official as soon as possible. 

Tired of his miniscule chin hairs scratching your face? Give him a hint with this Starter Shaving Kit. ($30.00)


Let him spend money on you in style with this Ralph Lauren Leather Wallet. ($30.00)

He may not be a big reader, but he would surely love this picture book of your cherished moments. ($49.00)


UNDER 100: The gifts for when you’ve been together a few months and they’ve been the happiest of your life so far. You think you’re in love and just want to spend all of your free time in his arms.


Get him a watch so he’s never late again! ($77.00)

If you and he are both very indecisive but you know he likes sportswear for sure, call it a day with this Nike gift card. (Customizable price)

Let him play the game, not games with you! ($59.99)


Regardless, if you choose something off this list or not, or if you even get him a gift, you’ll always be his special boo. As long as you show him love and affection, Valentine’s Day 2017 will be special.