Hot Takes: Valentine’s Day

Steven Jiang, Staff Writer

Layani Bradley

Valentine’s Day: 2023 Edition is right around the corner. Alternative names for this holiday might arguably include “Singles’ Awareness Day” or “Sentimental Corporate Scheme Day.” Does it really mean anything, or is it just awkward for everyone? Here are some Valentine’s Day hot takes that several Whitney Young students have shared.

Disclaimer: These opinions are not intended to be interpreted as valid advice…

Best chocolate?

Isaac Stoelinga ‘27: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Kavin Ramasamy ‘26: Chocolate is bad in general…

Evan Assmus ‘24: Caramel.

Emika Matsumura ‘27: GHIRARDELLI 100%!

Thoughts on breaking up over text?

IS: If your relationship is mostly over text, you should break up over text. If your relationship is mostly in-person, you should do it then.

KR: Who needs a phone?

EA: That’s a W.

EM: Your breakup should somewhat mirror the way your relationship was…if it was meaningful, you should probably talk to them or call them.

Thoughts on giving giant teddy bears as gifts?

IS: Take a pass on that until at least six months of a serious relationship.

KR: Why don’t you give the teddy bears to kids who don’t have homes?

EA: That’s cringe.

EM: If anything is tacky, it’s probably this, but it might feel nice to hug them when you’re sad or whatever.

Thoughts on giving flowers as gifts?

IS: Flowers will just die, so what’s the point? Just give them chocolate.

KR: Flowers smell bad somehow…

EA: That’s an L.

EM: Nice tradition, but that’s some interesting symbolism when they wither after a couple days.

Thoughts on the infamous “Friendzone” and how to avoid it?

IS: You have to be mysterious, you can’t tell the girl anything about yourself. Answer their questions with more questions.KR: Why wouldn’t you want to be friends?

EA: That’s a skill issue…

EM: Honestly, what’s so bad about the friendzone? If you truly value that special someone as a person, there should be few qualms with being someone they trust and like to talk to, regardless of romantic involvement. But a good romance often starts with friendship. Keep on being your best self and things will work out one way or another.








Image by : Layani Bradley