Winter Activities


Creative Commons 2022

Colin Moy, Staff Writer

With the falling of tree leaves and the gradual temperature drops, winter is quickly approaching: a time of holiday joy full of snow, presents, and Mariah Carey. Following the seasonal changes, each Whitney Young student has their own festivities they are looking forward to. Here are some activities to keep an eye out for.


Every winter, the Whitney Young performing arts department puts on many different concerts. Our orchestra, band, and choir are collaborating on the Holiday Spectacular Concert this year. “[It will be] an unforgettable experience where you get to see and hear the talents of our music department,” says Larry Ling, long-time member of Whitney Young’s Chamber Orchestra. Guitar will also be having their own winter concert. These music classes spend a long time preparing for these concerts, so you wouldn’t want to miss out. Be sure to buy tickets in the school store when they’re available!


Winter festivities are incomplete without ice skating. Whitney Young’s Asian American Club is hosting a free-of-charge ice skating event this January at Fifth-Third Arena. “The AAC ice skating event is always a great time to make new friends and relax,” says Johnson Shou, current president of AAC. If you are interested, join AAC’s google classroom using the code m6hmdvo!


“After last year’s success, Student Council is really excited to have another Snowball this year! We hope that it will become a new Whitney Young tradition and that everyone will enjoy it!” says Amie Kitjasateanphun, vice president of Whitney Young’s Student Council. In addition to this winter dance, Student Council is also planning a dodgeball tournament. If you and your friends want to become this year’s dodgeball champions, be sure to sign up! Keep checking the Whitney Young Weekly for more details about both of these events.


Now that you know about these fun activities, why stay inside all Winter? Come outside and show your holiday spirit!