Homecoming dance better spent in group


William Roche, Opinions Editor

The aura surrounding homecoming dances often is a comfortable balance of both festivity and intimacy. However, students often stress about who to go to the dance with. While some find the dance as an opportunity to spend time with one specific individual, many others see the dance as a night to spend with their close friends.

Asking someone to the dance is a flattering way to start or improve a relationship with someone you would like to spend time with. The dance provides a romantic setting for you and your date to have a fun night. All who are considering asking someone to go to the dance with them should be sure they are completely comfortable being with that person for an entire night. No matter how good you think you are at small, no one wants to be a part of the uncomfortable couples awkwardly standing on the outskirts of the crowd.

Attending with a date isn’t for you? Don’t worry, going with a group of your friends is totally ok. Getting ready and spending the night with some of your close friends can be just as fun and you don’t have to worry about awkward tension between you and your date. You already know how comfortable you are with your friends which can make the whole experience much more fun and you’ll already be with everyone you want to be around.

Homecoming should be an exciting for all students regardless of who they decide to go with. Those who are considering taking a date might want to reconsider and instead just go with their friends in a group.