New Senior Attendance Policy


Ania Szydlowski, Editor

Recently, there has been a new case of the coronavirus at Rush Hospital. With the coronavirus spreading around Chicago, Dr. Kenner has adjusted the senior attendance policy for the safety of the Whitney Young students. For the rest of the school year, seniors are required to miss 8 days of school per month. This new policy will ensure that the seniors do not become sick, while allowing them to still learn the curriculum of their classes during the other 23 days of each month. During these 8 days, the seniors will have to continue taking their classes online through Edline by watching video recordings of their classes. Along with the school administrators, the seniors seem to agree with the policy: 


Naomi Wu ‘20 states, “This new attendance policy has changed my life. Instead of wasting my time at school, I can waste time at home.”


“I think our class as a whole really appreciates that Dr. Kenner is considering the health of our students,” notes Michelle Zhang ‘20. 


Hannah Hansraj ‘20 explains, “I’m glad that we are able to watch the classroom videos online to keep up with our classes. This way, I know that I’m not at risk of getting a worse grade because of my attendance in class.” 


If the coronavirus becomes a sickness that comes around annually like the flu, the school may bring back this new policy every year. Hopefully the new attendance policy will continue to be a beneficial method of preventing the coronavirus from spreading within Whitney Young.