New Dolphin Day Schedule

Ethan Nakashima, Writer/Editor

It’s Tuesday night. You’ve just finished all your work for the day. You look out your window and enjoy the tranquility of the deep night sky. With your eyelids already halfway closed, you slide into your bed, enjoying the comfort and warmth of your blankets. As you sleepily set your alarm for the next morning, you suddenly jump up and a sense of dread comes over you when you realize what day tomorrow is. Wednesday. A Dolphin Day

If you’re a student at Whitney Young, this is probably a familiar scenario. Stew Dent ‘21, like many others, thinks that “Dolphin Days are worse than realizing your breakout room ended 5 minutes ago, and it’s just you and your teacher in the call.” Thankfully, Flip the Dolphin has taken notice of students’ complaints and has created a new and improved Dolphin Day schedule, which is what I will be sharing with you today. 

To kick it off, Dolphin Days will begin at 6:30, when you will join your assigned breakfast classes on Google Classroom. There, students will take turns sharing their breakfasts for the day, with their cameras permanently on, of course. You MUST remain in the call until 8:00. Until then, feel free to stare at each other, unmuted, so everyone can hear the sounds of everyone chewing simultaneously.

The new Dolphin Day also introduces a new kind of learning, called “Lightning Learning.” Students will go about their regular classes, except with a fun twist: all classes are only a minute long! And yes, that’s including lunch. Freshie Fresh ‘24, an incoming freshman, had complained that “classes felt a little too short on Dolphin Days.” Flip has taken this into consideration and has made them even shorter. This way, students won’t have time to complain about classes being too short; they’ll already be over! 

To account for shorter classes, these minute-long classes will be cycled through 40 times. In other words, after your 8th period class ends, you’ll move on to your 1st period class. However, there’s no need to worry about rest in between classes. Flip has generously provided a whopping five whole seconds to join your next class. That way, learning will be maximized to lightning speeds! 

For those who somehow still aren’t on board with this superior schedule, they might change their mind after this huge surprise from Flip: classes end one minute earlier than normal! That’s right, students get out of class at 3:14, instead of 3:15! Real Whitney Young student Dahl “Not Flip” Finn is fully on board with this new schedule. “I’m so excited for Lightning Learning! I can’t see anything wrong with it!” says Flip. I mean Dahl. 

Questions about the schedule? Feel free to contact Flip here.