Spotlight: Danny Devito Shrine

Ava Martin, Editor in Chief

If you’re a human on this planet, you likely know of Danny Devito. If you were a Whitney Young student before March 13, 2020, you likely have heard of or visited his shrine in Gold House.

The Danny Devito shrine was a mysterious inhabitant of office 4F in Gold House. It included pictures of Devito and screenshots of his tweets taped to the wall, cafeteria sporks that spelled out his name, and eventually a life-sized cutout of the actor. No one seemed to know how this had materialized and no one seemed to care, but the truth is finally out as Whitney Young alum Will Wasielewski reveals himself as one of the creators of the Danny Devito shrine.

“Basically I just love Danny Devito and I think he’s really epic,” Will wrote, who now attends the College of Wooster in Ohio. He says that it was just pictures and sporks until he was gifted the cut-out for Christmas. Unfortunately, upon Whitney Young’s full return to the building in September 2021, the shrine was no more. Will, who graduated earlier that year, says he was devastated that it had to be taken down. “I cried for weeks and still have the cutout in my room to remind me of what we lost.”

The Danny Devito shrine, now scarce, lives on in many of our hearts (though maybe not often in our minds). Will has offered to donate the cutout to anyone who wishes to restore it to its former glory, in its original location or not.