WY Forever- Marvel Offers Dr. Kenner A Contract To Become Their Newest SuperHero

Ava-Kelly Gray, Editor-in-Chief

An Executive Producer at Marvel recently viewed Dr. Kenner’s WY Forever 2020-2021 Virtual Open House video and was very impressed.  The executive was inspired by Dr. Kenner’s heroic attitude towards leading.  Marvel is now offering Dr. Kenner a contract to become their next superhero: The Dolphin Queen.  


If Dr. Kenner were to accept the position, her superhero, The Dolphin Queen, would have superpowers such as the ability to spread school spirit across the planet, protect all of her students, and of course; fly. 


When interviewed, Dr. Kenner responded by saying “When I said WY Forever in that Open House video, I meant it!  And while I am flattered that Marvel recognizes true talent, I will stay at Whitney Young and use my superpowers in the real world.” 


While exploring Whitney Young, the executive producer at Marvel was inspired by the dauntless students.  The producer is now looking for a special WY student who is willing to star in Marvel’s next superhero series.  If you think this student could be you, contact a member of The Superheroes of Whitney Young Magnet High School at [email protected].