Beyoncé wins Album of The Year at the 2022 Grammys

Shortly after the news broke, Beyoncé released her own statement stating “I am greatly honored that the Recording Academy has awarded me again. I am not planning to release an album this year though, but I will gracefully receive this award and many more at next year’s Grammys.” Unsurprisingly, many people agreed with the decision, on twitter many fans were going crazy and praising Beyoncé for being a ‘prophetess’. User @BeyonceFan1977 tweeted out “Beyoncé winning another award is not surprising, she really is ahead of her time” Blue Ivy, Beyoncé’s 9 year old daughter, did an interview with Ariana Grande and stated “Of course my mom wins one year ahead, that Ggrammy is going in with the rest” Even though no new album by Beyoncé will be released within the next year, fans are eager to see her accept Album of The Year at the 2022 Grammys show.Beyoncé was crowned as the most awarded vocalist at the Grammys this year, yet does not mean that she won’t win more awards. The Recording Academy has always had its rules of what records and albums are eligible for nominations. This year Beyoncé was nominated for a grand total of 9 Grammys, and has won a total of 28 grammys throughout her career. In a turn of events The Recording Academy has announced that Beyoncé has won the Album of The Year award for the 2022 Grammys. In a statement released the morning after the 2021 Grammys, The Recording Academy stated “Yesterday night Beyoncé won 4 grammys, and now the committee has decided to award Beyoncé with Album of the Year award for the 64th annual Grammys show taking place in early 2022.” This is a surprising move on the part of The Recording Academy as Beyoncé has yet to announce an album for the nomination period.