Should Homecoming Games Vary in Sports Every Year?

David Santana, Editor

When we think about homecoming games, most of us imagine a giant crowd, two rival schools, and an American football game to settle the score. Instead of football, why not soccer, tennis, softball, or swimming? Intrigued by this question, I decided to ask the students at Whitney Young what their thoughts were on varying homecoming games in sports. 


“No, because homecoming football games are an American tradition,” stated Luz Estrada ‘21.

“Nah, I like the classic football homecoming. Others agreed.


The soccer was super fun and personally I prefer soccer to football but, I respect the tradition of football,” said Nora Woods ‘20.


Some weren’t convinced homecoming had to be a football game, but noted that there should be some requirements. “I just think it should remain a spectator sport. Also , it has to be in an arena capable of holding all the traditions that come with homecoming,” stated Elias Guzman ‘20.


There is some precedent to WY having a non-football homecoming game. In 2017, Whitney Young had a soccer homecoming game. This created a big conversation around the school at the time. Some students were thrilled to hear that the game would get some recognition and others were not happy about the change. With homecoming right around the corner, I believe that is is important to bring up that conversation again. Students and faculty should be able to vote every year to choose the sport for the homecoming game. This would allow people to change the tradition, make it their own, keep it, or voice their opinion. 


Boys Soccer Team 2017