Champions League Updates


Jonathan Perez

    Real Madrid have been named the best club in the world by sports analysts everywhere. This is only backed up by Alan 21’ as he shared his opinion on the matter stating “Real Madrid is the best club in the world.” Aside from this, they won the last 3 Champions League and they won the first 5 titles after they inaugurated the tournament.  There’s no doubt why Real Madrid have been voted the best club in the world. It’s not like they lost a 2-0 lead to Ajax in the Champions League. Therefore, since every club is sub par in comparison and below the class of Real Madrid in order to honor Real Madrid and their amazing history and current high profile, they will no longer have to play in the Champions League. Instead UEFA had announced that at the start of the next season the champion of the Champions League will have to play Real Madrid to be crowned the actual champion of the Champions League. Most people thought this was fair, although some expressed some hidden anger.


When I asked Cuautli 19’ what he thought of the changes that they made to the Champions League he responded, “I think it’s very beneficial to Real Madrid because instead of spending their money on referees and VAR officials they can now focus all their funding on players!” As you can tell, Cuautli is probably an F.C. Barcelona fan. Then finally when I asked Andres Garcia 20’ what he thought about Real Madrid getting a free pass to the Final he said “I think they definitely deserve this, it’s not like they’re 12 points behind Barcelona in La Liga.”