Pep Rally Performances

Kayla Bilal, Editor

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Homecoming season is upon us!  With that comes the annual homecoming pep rally, hosted in the West Gymnasium on September 28th, from 9:25 to 10:25 a.m. The rally is filled with shoutouts, school spirit, and most importantly, dance performances. There will be 3 teams performing throughout: our spirit teams, Cheer and Poms, and the dance team, otherwise known as Guys and Dolls. In the weeks leading up to the pep rally, they practice for hours, perfecting every move in their routine with hopes of getting the crowd pumped and ready for the homecoming game against DuSable.

Although it’s nerve-wracking to think about, the dancers couldn’t be more excited. Karina Santiago ‘19, a senior varsity cheerleader explained, “I couldn’t be happier to perform because this will be my last homecoming. This performance will showcase how far I’ve come from when I first started cheer and I can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction.” She goes on to say, that when she hangs out with her teammates and close friends on other dance teams, especially the seniors, it’s all they talk about, especially because they worked so hard for this moment. On the Poms Poms team, Coach Tucks explains that, “even though it’s a stressful time, the girls love the work”, showcasing how dedicated they are to their skill. It’s generally the same perspective from all sides, as a Guys and Dolls member, Nyla David “19, says that, “it’s an amazing experience that makes the pep rally really come together.” As you can see, the dancers can’t wait to perform for you! They feed off the crowd’s energy so get excited! It’s the most wonderful time of the school year!


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