Respect the WNBA!

Written by: Breanna Beck

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Although people don’t respect Women’s basketball enough, it’s only right to celebrate the start of the season. May 19,2018 was the first day for the games. It’s a hard process to make the team. Even if you get drafted, you technically didn’t make the team. Everyone still has to try out for the team. Even if you’re a former player on the team, you still have to try out. There can only be 12 people on a teams roster so they have to waive a huge amount of people. I asked Diamond Stiles ‘20, guard, from the Lady Dolphins basketball team how she would feel if she worked hard for something just to get cut? She responded “ It would be like a slap in the face. As if all the work I put in was a waste. It still would give me motivation to work even harder.” It’s ironic because you see players who competed against each others in rival schools or dog fight games from college play alongside each other. Sometimes it’s weird watching the former college players come from their powerhouse colleges and play with the pros and veterans in the WNBA. Although the WNBA only has a total of 12 teams, everybody just wants to play ball. Most of the time, if a player is cut or waived, they try to get picked up by another team or find a professional team overseas. I asked former Lady Dolphin, Khaalia Hillsman, what was her plans after she got waived from Seattle Storm? She responded “I’m going to continue to work hard everyday. I’m trying to find a professional team and hopefully I can try again.”.We wish her the best of luck! It’s a shame how much people disrespect the hardwork and dedication that these women have to endure to get where they are. Women in college don’t even get the chance to leave after one year, unlike men basketball players. So when they get drafted to a team, it means more to them because it’s something they’ve worked 4 years toward. They look at it as an open opportunity to prove who you are and how you can go up against professionals. Make sure you tune in and support the women who play in this professional league. They deserve more recognition than they receive. Hope they have a great basketball season!


Photo Credit: WNBA

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