13 Things To Make You Feel Human Again After APs


Dearborn Plys, Editor

  1. AP Calculator

So, how many questions did I need to get right on the multi-choice to get a 3? AP Calculator has what your stressed-out, score-obsessed brain needs right now. There’s nothing more soothing than realizing you only needed a 65% on the multi-choice to get a 5.


  1. Obsessively Check College Board For Your Exam Results

It’s not going to change the score release date, but it does feel good, like you’re getting something done. Maybe download a VPN while you’re at it so that when scores finally do come out you can pretend you’re from Minnesota and get them two days early.


  1. Exam Specific AP Memes on Twitter

The test may drain your will to live, but the memes will raise you from the dead. Be comforted by a hundred thousand twitter users all just as confused by an excerpt of poetry from the 19th century as you are. Marta Kalfas ‘19, currently taking AP Comp, says, “The college board can cancel my exam score, but they can’t cancel my memes.”


  1. Clean Your Room

Maybe it’s time to see your floor again after it being so long covered in loose papers and tear-soaked sweaters. Put on a fun playlist that’s as far from your studying mix as possible and just zone out for a couple hours. You’ll be glad to not stab yourself with the corner of a calculus textbook when you have to go to the bathroom at 2am.


  1. Don’t Do Your Homework

Normally I wouldn’t condone this, but you’ve worked hard for those tests. You deserve a break. Take a weekend off and treat yourself, no research papers, no powerpoint presentations.


  1. Stress Bake

Stumble into your kitchen and pull out measuring cups, flour, sugar, and eggs until you’re left with all the sweet pastries you’ve been dreaming of for the past 14 days. Writing club president and AP student Ivy Weston ‘19 remembers, “I was so sad last year that I made 12 loaves of pumpkin bread.”


  1. Stress Eat What You Stress Bake

Now that your kitchen is thoroughly coated in a layer of butter and flour, it’s time to eat a frankly obscene quantity of cake. It’s just sitting there waiting for you. “Last year I at 12 loaves of pumpkin bread”, says Mak Fondren ‘19, “It was magical.”


  1. GBBO and Chill

Binge watching any show and relaxing until your body is absorbed into your couch is one thing, but shows like the Great British Bake-Off take that to a whole new level. You’ll be impressed by how charming all the contestants are, how beautiful the bakes are, and how trying the technicals can be. Mary and Paul, the show’s judges, give commentary so much more constructive than any AP teacher. Mel and Sue, the comedian hosts, warm your heart with their supportiveness, and will make you groan with their puns. Ari Karafiol ‘20, currently taking AP BC Calculus, says, “Mel and Sue remind me that even if I don’t have any skills I didn’t think would be applicable to a real job, that I could maybe be moderately successful hosting a baking competition.”


  1. Stare Into The Void

Keep it simple. Stare at a wall for a couple of hours. AP Latin student, Wylie Warren ‘20, says, “I stare into the void all the time. It makes me feel nothing, which is an improvement on the pain I feel after AP exams.”


  1. Drink Gallons of Herbal Tea

Green tea and black tea have their place, but you don’t need to stay up until 3am to do test prep anymore. It’s time for relaxation, and it’s time for herbal teas. Chamomile for a slow afternoon, hibiscus for an early sunrise, mint for a late night.


  1. Hang Out With Friends

You don’t have to be at home studying anymore so get outside and interact with your peers. Maybe go see a movie, or hang out in the park. Your friends are here for you, and they want to have fun just as much as you.


  1. Depression Nap

Exam tired is its own special form of exhaustion, and it pairs beautifully with a depression nap. You might not feel much better afterward, but at least you did something. “I’ve taken so many depression naps I can’t take regular naps anymore,” says Nyla Hawkins ‘20.


  1. Have A Good Cry

Let it all out, you put so much work into those tests and now you’re finally done! Sometimes you just need to cry, and that’s totally alright. You’ll feel better, trust me.



Photos by freestocks.org from Pexels.