Black Panther Hits the Big Screens


Mireya Alejo, Writer

With the release of the first black superhero movie, Black Panther, Marvel Comics has caused countless fans to flock to the opening night. Tickets have sold out from countless websites such as Fandango and MovieTickets. It has inspired a lot of African-American youth to grow closer to their culture, as well as providing a positive figure they can relate to. Black Panther provides a role model that fights against stereotypes of black men and women in mainstream media. It’s a milestone for the movie industry. With a predominantly black crew, the movie is a platform for African American actors and artists. Black Panther honors the legacy of black culture by displaying just how powerful and beautiful black is.  From the costumes and array of hairstyles, the audience can see the intelligence, royalty, and power of the characters. This has led to the incredible response from the public. In fact, after reviewing the statistics, Twitter revealed it was the most tweeted about film in 2017. After speaking to students throughout Whitney Young, the excitement for the long-awaited film became increasingly clear. Gift Pendleton ‘18 shared her thoughts stating “I’m extremely excited to see the culture and politics in this movie, just from hearing the soundtrack I know it’s something to look forward to.” Tyree Beard ‘18 added saying “it’s cool to finally see a positive portrayal of black men on the big screen, hopefully we can keep this positive energy going.” After seeing the movie on opening night Leah Jackson ‘18, could only describe Black Panther as “incredible” and “one of the most entertaining marvel movies yet.” Truly relevant to the time, Black Panther has taken the world by storm making it a must see.