All-Time Chicago Bulls

Omar Bah

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It seems like everyone in Chicago loves watching the Bulls, so I decided to make an all-time list of the Bulls top 5 players at each position. So which of our hometown heroes made the cut? Here is the Bulls All-Time 5:


PG: Derrick Rose


During his time in Chicago, Rose was a force. One of the most beloved players in franchise history, he is the leagues youngest ever MVP. He led the franchise to 4 straight playoff appearances starting in 2009.


SG: Michael Jordan

The GOAT. What more really needs to be said? Everyone knows about Jordan’s impressive aerial ability, scoring prowess, and passion for winning. We know about the 6 rings. The Bulls best franchise player also happens to be the greatest to ever do it.

SF: Scottie Pippen

Jordan’s running mate for all 6 championships, Pippen, a hall of famer was also one of the best players in the league during his time. One of the best defensive players ever, he was crucial to the success the Bulls enjoyed in the 90s.

PF: Dennis Rodman

The Worm. Third in command behind Pippen and Jordan, Rodman was one of the best rebounders ever, and his defense and energy were crucial to getting the Bulls over the hump for their last 3 championships.

C: Artis Gilmore

Gilmore was more than just a big afro. He was one of the best players during his time, and an explosive scorer when he was in the Windy City. Gilmore is also a hall of famer.

Derrick Rose is one of the most beloved players in Bulls history.