SMSL by C. Love Ep1

Sneakers, Money, Streetwear, and Life ! I present to you SMSL!

Christian Lovett

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Before we get into these two past weeks in sneaks I want to officially introduce you to the new installment of Sneakers, Money, Streetwear, and Life (SMSL) by C.Love. My real name is Christian Lovett but you can call me C. Love. If you’re interested in shoes, clothing, money, and life in general you’re on the right page. I will be writing a bi-weekly column about sneakers and clothing which features brands like Supreme and Adidas.


For those who don’t know, Supreme is a growing skate shop and retail brand. The week of December 7th was the biggest release of the year for Supreme. Supreme is mostly known for its Bogos which is the simple box logo with the Supreme branding in the center. The collection featured 7 Bogo sweatshirts and hats. The retail price on a sweatshirt is only $168 but the base price on the resale market is at least $800. All hypebeasts, or clothing enthusiasts, went crazy for this release as it was the most highly anticipated release of the year. The collection also featured a Supreme Nike basketball shooting sleeve. NBA player and Washington Wizard Kelly Oubre was seen sporting the sleeve on his leg in a game. William Jamison ‘18, local hypebeast,  broke it down this way: “I like how Kelly turned some heads with the hypebeast sleeve on, it was very wavy.” I liked the move as well because he broke the mold in terms of in game clothing.


Supreme Bogo Sweatshirts


Kelly Oubre sporting Supreme sleeve


A Yeezy V2 in the Beluga 2.0 colorway was also released ac couple weeks ago (November 25th). This sneaker was the most accessible Yeezy sneaker ever. Kanye West, the creator of the shoe, said years ago that he would let everyone have Yeezys. I liked the shoe because it features a simple colorway that can easily be worn. The resale value on this shoe is only about $100 above retail. Sneaker enthusiast Emeka Anosike said “I like this colorway because it’s so simple.” I wish I was able to get them but I’ll settle for getting the Blue Tint Yeezy that’ll be releasing next week. Be sure to checkout Ep2 of SMS with updates on sneakers, money, and streetwear!

Yeezy V2 Beluga 2.0

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