Bear vs Packers recap

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On November 18th we saw the first win of young quarterback Brett Hundley’s career, coming against the Chicago Bears. He played well against a strong Bears defense who just cannot seem to limit their mistakes, losing, 16-23. The young QB won his first game against the Packers arch rival the Chicago Bears and also threw his first touchdown. He completed 18 out of 23 attempts outplaying the rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky of the Bears who did throw for more yards but was unable to lead the Bears to a victory. Hundley is hoping to lead the Packers to another victory this coming week against on the Baltimore Ravens and hopefully can keep the team afloat until Aaron Rodgers can return. Senior soccer player Sara Woods says “Hundley is doing alright but I’m not the only one waiting for Rodgers to come to our rescue.” Junior Cristian Moctezuma…. A Bears fan says, “ I just don’t enjoy seeing the Packers win. “ The Bears playoff hopes are all but done but the Packers are still in the three team race between the Lions and Vikings to represent the NFC North in the playoffs. Only time will tell what is in store for the Packers.

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