Review of Netflix Original Mindhunter

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Kellianne Bazzell

Just a few weeks ago Netflix came out with an original show, Mindhunter, and just about anyone who has watched it will tell you it’s a thrilling and intriguing masterpiece. I spent all of my three day weekend binge watching the first 10 episodes and it was well worth it.

The show is set in 1977 and stars Jonathan Groff (as Holden Ford) and Holt McCallany (as Bill Tench) as the two FBI agents who began the analyzation and research of serial killers. The partners travel the country interviewing serial killers about their lives leading up to the crime and why they committed the crime itself. One of the best parts about the show is that you learn to analyze the personalities of serial killers as the agents do themselves. This is particularly cool since the show is based off of real life and all the killers really did commit these crimes.

In addition to their research, the two partners also get involved in several ongoing investigations of crimes that show signs of a serial killer having committed them. These are always fun as a viewer not only because they really bring out the suspense, but also because you get to try to solve the crime alongside the agents as the story develops.


In addition to these two agents, there is one more star, Anna Torv, who plays Wendy Carr, a psychology professor at Boston University who assists in formalizing the interview questions and analyzing the research with the knowledge from her profession. She’s not only the brains of the operation, she also makes sure the two agents stay grounded when dealing with the crazed killers.


The show goes beyond the agents work and you get to see each of their own personal lives. Holden Ford struggles to keep his relationship with a university student he met going as his work gets more stressful and time consuming. Bill Tench also struggles with work and being away from home as his wife tries to take care of their adopted son who can’t speak. Wendy Carr is constantly flying back and forth from the FBI headquarters to Boston University while having to keep quiet about her lesbian relationship with a fellow academic from the university.


There is truly never a boring moment in this show. The first episode is the slowest one, however, that’s because the plot just needs to be set up. It pays off very well with a thrilling end to the season finale and the series will have you counting the days til the next season comes out (which is towards the end of 2018).