Five Netflix Suggestions to Get You Started

     After long, stressful school and work weeks, we all often want to relax. A common way to do this now is Netflix and chill. However, we find ourselves constantly asking friends “any suggestions?” because the plethora of titles Netflix has to offer is too much to go through in order to find the right show, notes Netflix series-enthusiast, Nia Martin ‘17. Here’s a list to get you started so that you don’t have to keep pestering your friends about them.

Horror: Bates Motel

    Bates Motel stars Norma and Norman Bates, a mother and son duo where the mother will do, and has done, anything for her son. The motel itself seems like a charming road trip stop, in a small town off of a small road, but big things happen here. For mania, murder, and mystery, follow along to experience the modern-day backstory of the 1960 film Psycho.


Comedy: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    After many years of living in bunker just a few miles from her hometown, Kimmy Schmidt is rescued from captivity. Along with five other women, who get nicknames The Mole Women, Kimmy is now free to take on the world. She does so by moving to the big city, New York City. Due to her lack of knowledge and her intelligence state remaining at the 13 year old brain she was kidnapped at, Kimmy loses all of her compensation money and is forced to work as a nanny for a rich New York women. Her journeys are documented in the popular original Netflix series as she lives with her flamboyant roommate Titus and crazy grandma like landlord Lillian. Avid watcher, Brooklyn Irvin ‘18, raves “Kimmy Schmidt gives me 30 minutes of pure joy, the humor of it is something everyone will love.” If you’re interested in the transition of kidnapped victims, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt provides an honest recollection with a humorous spin to it.


Crime Drama: Criminal Minds

    A team of FBI agents in the Bureau Analysis Unit are called to fly out and investigate serial crimes that usually involve murder sprees. Whether the suspects be suffering from psychotic breaks, domestic terrorists, child rapists, or cannibalistic serial killers, the team actively searches to find the missing pieces in-state police departments cannot before the suspect takes another life away.

    Though they risk their lives to save others every day, the team is made up of pretty cool guys and gals. When you think it’s too much crime-scene action going on, the drama of marital problems, children, and the occasional suspect-turned-stalker storylines that follow the main cast are always cool to catch up on.


Documentary: 13th

    It is a true expose of the free labor system that trolls our country, with the mass of it affecting people of color, more specifically the African American community. It is startling to learn all the information about the jail systems and how they target certain races. Receiving an Oscar nomination, critics have shown their love for the story told within the documentary. 13th tells a true story of systemic oppression. Due to the information displayed within the film, everyone should have to watch it to understand the depth of race and power in American and why jail systems look the way they look in terms of race. More specifically, for those interested in race relations and other stories along the lines of oppression and social justice, this documentary is a must see.


Romance: Remember Me

    Nineteen year old Ally, who lost her mother to a subway robbery at nine, meets Tyler, a fellow NYU student whose brother committed suicide years before. Though their lives seem to lead them in opposite directions, their personalities and love draw them toward each other. We see into their everyday lives, in which are seemingly followed by Ally’s loss-epiphanized quote “I have my dessert first”. Just when you think they both finally found their happily ever after, comes a tear-jerking plot twist at the end. As attested by junior Aja Jones who has been in a committed relationship for quite some time now, Remember Me is a great reflection of both the love and the loss adolescents and young adults everywhere face.


    This list is a small snippet of what Netflix has to offer. If you didn’t quite like these, but would be interested in shows similar to them, you can click on any of these shows or movies and get a list of related suggestions. However, if you follow these five exactly, you’re covered for at least eight weekends!