Ms. Sandra Dixon, Gone but Never Forgotten

In a high school such as Whitney Young, the students, faculty, and staff who dedicate their time to education are seemingly far from the end of their lives. With this notion in mind, death is rare and unexpected. As the subject is so far removed from the consciousness of the Whitney Young community, when we as a student body are alerted of such a sad event, it comes as a huge shock to us all. On February 13, 2017, the Dolphin community was shaken after discovering the passing of our very own diverse learning instructor, Ms. Sandra Dixon.

Sandra Dixon was born on November 24, 1958 and raised on Chicago’s West Side. To begin her educational career, she taught diverse learners at a private school. When that school got shut down, Ms. Dixon made a shift to CPS, and worked in the system for 20 years before her passing. Ms. D, as her students called her, tried engaging with her pupils in fun ways. One of her most popular activities was cooking. Besides cooking, she was always finding new ways to excite her students and spark their interest in learning. Many have expressed that she was avidly dedicated to volunteer work; always trying to aid someone or something. “San was fun, loving, and concerned. She was always trying to help somebody” says fellow aid, Marquita Courts.

Ask any student in the halls of Whitney Young, and they’ll tell you that “the most memorable aspect of Ms. D was her hair and her style; always new and trendy” (Camryn Salter ‘18, member of Best Buddies Art Class). Her style matched her prodigious personality. “Ms. Dixon was grand. Some people may think she was loud, but she wasn’t. She just had a really big personality. In the hallway, you’d hear her keys first, and then her mouth. You’d instantly think “Yeah, that’s Ms. D.”” recalls fellow aid, Marquita Courts.

Sophomore Jada Ormond, a diverse learner and cousin of Ms. Dixon, speaks for us all in saying, “I loved her; she will always have a special place in my heart.” Sandra Dixon will be carried in the lives of those she touched both inside and outside of the Whitney Young community. She was loyal, protective and dependable, and will be with us as we look to find compassion, patience, and strength during the life’s rough patches. Her legacy is strong and authentic. May she rest peacefully.

For those in the community who knew and loved Ms. Dixon, these are the funeral arrangements.


Friday, February 24, 2017


Corbin Colonial Funeral Chapel

5345 W. Madison Street

Chicago, IL 60644



Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wake 10:00AM

Funeral 11:00AM


St. Martin DePorres

5112 West Washington Blvd

Chicago, IL 60644