No Prom?

Kayla Bilal

The Whitney Young Senior attendance policy has been a reoccurring problem throughout this current school year. The administration has not been open with the students about the specific situations in which absences are excused and which they are not. It is widely known that we have a total of 8 full school days until we can no longer participate in senior events such as luncheon and prom. As the school year drags on, the attendance is dropping at a fast rate and the administration is not having it. Dr. Rennek says that, “it’s becoming an epidemic!” At any rate, she had a 2 hour meeting with each and every member of the senior class and came to a conclusion: no senior prom. She explained that after deliberation with Ms. Marevo, it just wasn’t enough people who met the attendance criteria to go to prom. In regards to refunds and money for prom outfits, no money will be given back. Instead, it will be used for Whitney Young’s first junior prom. It will be amazing night filled with fun, food, and of course the senior’s suits and dresses. Yes, on top of giving your tickets to the juniors, all seniors are required to donate their prom outfits to the junior class so they don’t have to spend any money for the event. Johnny Appleseed ‘20 says that he is, “so excited for prom! It’ll be an amazing experience that I can’t believe I’ll be able to experience twice!” Other juniors are feeling similarly about the event. Jane Doe says that, “it’s a spring miracle! No money spent and I’ll get to look like a princess!” But as a senior myself, i want to know your opinions? What do you think about Junior Prom?