NAV Garden for Girls 2020 Farmers Market


Nia Lambert

This past Sunday, October 18th NAV Garden for Girls hosted their first fundraiser farmers market. Vendors included Gayle V’s Grilled Cheese, Smoothies by Kels, Gingham Vegan Bakery, Ers Jewelry, and so much more. NAV Garden for Girls is an afterschool program that focuses on teaching public elementary school girls about science and women’s empowerment. Their mission is to inspire young girls to feel confident in their skin while bridging the gender gap in the STEAM field.

“This event was amazing; I bought something from each booth,” happily said, Nyla Willams ’23. The event took place from 10 am to 1 pm at the Promontory in Hyde Park, over the course of the event there were over 60 people who attended. “We were not expecting this big of a turnout, especially because of the weather,” said Alex Sweitzer ’21 (executive director of NAV). The event raised over $500, all of which will be going to NAV’s spring virtual program. “It was nice to come out and expand my small business, I had been going through a business slowdown with COVID, but this ramped up my sales,” thankfully said Erin Lohman, Whitney Young alumni. NAV is said to have another market in the spring due to its success this past weekend, be on the lookout for more information.