Photo opinion: intramural sports in college

Dillon Jacobson, Staff Writer

We asked five students if they planned to play intramural sports in college. Here are their responses:

photo 1

“Yes, because I want to stay in shape in college and sports are a great way to make new friends.”

Karly Nelson ’16 [Cross Country]









photo 5

“No, because I plan to major in music and I wouldn’t want distract myself from my studies.”

 Andrew Johnson ’16 [Cross Country]









photo 3

“Yes, because of the camaraderie of the sport would bring my friends and I closer together.”

 Will Arndt ’15 [Golf]











photo 4

“Yes, seems like a good extracurricular that you don’t have to commit to.”

Sebastian Adamski ’16 [Lacrosse]












photo 2

“Yes, because I still want to play my sport in college and stay in shape.”

John Brown ’16 [Baseball]