How to be stress-free for the holidays

Andrea Gomes, Arts and Trends Editor

Freaking out over what to give your friends for Christmas? Or maybe you’re just nervous about how your Thanksgiving dinner would turn out? Sometimes something, no matter how small of a thing, can be enough to stress you out during the holidays. Here are some ways you can control or release your stress to have a great holiday season.

1. Plan ahead to see what presents you need to get!

2. Follow that plan and have the present by at least the day before. No use giving someone a present that they were supposed to get 6 months ago.

3. Eat “in holiday season” foods. From candy corn to Peeps, they will always give you a happy feeling.

4. Try to get all your homework done before the special day. That way, you won’t be stressed out while you’re supposed to be enjoying the holiday!

5. Just like planning for your presents, make a to-do list on things you should get done before any relatives arrive! AND FOLLOW THAT LIST.

6. Plan to do most things with a group. It’ll be so much easier to divide up all the chores.

7. Revel in the joy of the holiday season! Remember, it only comes around once a year.