Boredom Survival Guide

10 fun activities to do when you are at home!

Jordan Quinones

We are approaching the eleventh month of quarantine. (Yes, we have been in our houses since March 2020!) I know many people have picked up some new hobbies or activities during this time at home. This may include facetiming friends and family, sleeping more, or baking. I know after so long I am running out of things to do, so here are 10 fun activities to do in the house!

  1. Complete a puzzle. Get your family members, a good playlist, and some hot beverages, and you all can sit around a table and work together to create a nice picture together! If you don’t like regular puzzles, there are many other kinds of puzzles. If you are a word person, you can try the game “Boggle” or a crossword puzzle online. You can also try to solve that rubix cube you got years ago (and if you get frustrated, you can go on YouTube and learn how to solve it!)
  2. Try meditation. I know many people have become stressed because of remote learning, or a little annoyed at your dog barking all day or spending a little too much time with the people in your house. It happens! Meditation has many benefits, such as improving your focus and helping you clear your mind. You have a little more time on your hands anyway so why not?
  3. Virtual game night. You can connect with your friends or family members over zoom and play games like Pictionary, Jackbox games, and Among Us. Although it won’t be the same as in-person game night, laughing and maybe a little arguing with the people you care about might make things feel a little more normal.
  4. Look at pictures of cute animals. Puppies, kittens, baby pandas, baby pigs. . . you have many options!
  5. Organize. I know things might be a little cluttered right now because we are at home all the time, whether that’s your desk or your junk drawer. When you have time just get it over with because you know you will feel better! Here are some tips.
  6. Knit or crochet. If you learn, you will be able to knit many things, such as scarves, hats, and gloves. You will definitely be prepared for next winter.
  7. Practice cooking/baking. This is actually the perfect time to cook because if you are a high schooler, you have to get some practice in before you go to college. Also, you will be happy because you will have a lot of good food to eat when you are hungry. You can start with cooking an omelette or baking some cookies from scratch and then grow from there. The sky’s the limit.
  8. Binge watch your favorite old tv show or a new one. If you have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax, or another streaming service, you should take advantage of it when you are bored. If you don’t want to watch a tv show, you can watch a movie. If you don’t want to watch tv, you can enter the rabbit hole of watching YouTube videos. Also, you can always watch the newest  DubTV episode, or that one you missed.
  9. Read a book. Reading is a great pastime because it allows you to rest your eyes from constantly looking at screens. So now is the time to start the Harry Potter Series or any other book that you have been wanting to read.
  10. Build a skincare routine. During quarantine, you should focus on self-care, since you might not have had the opportunity to with school in session. Get your glow on!

I hope this list gave you something to do that you have not thought about before. Have fun!