White Noise: I’m Definitely Going to Get Around to Seeing it at some point

Jakob Caisip, Staff Writer

When White Noise came out in August last year, I was totally save it for later (when I can process it and appreciate it (but I’m definitely gonna get to it at some point later.))))))

The thing is, I was gonna watch it (but I don’t really wanna get a whole Netflix subscription just for the one movie, you know (I don’t wanna do the whole thing about signing up for a free trial and then forgetting I signed up for a free trial either( Honestly kind of a drag))).
But before the trial expired last time I set aside a weekend to watch it and everything, and I was gonna. (but I was skimming the
Wikipedia summary for it and got distracted clicking on links and ended up on the page about the assassination of our 25th president, William McKinley. (It is a very interesting topic. Lots of drama and intrigue. (As a tangent I will give the assassination of William McKinley a 9 out of 10 as reading material.)))
Oh and before that when it was still showing
in theatres I tried to buy a ticket, but they were sold out, so I had to get one from a reseller on Craigslist, who was this sketchy guy that typed in all capital letters and irregular punctuation marks (LI;’KE THI<S) and when I met him in person at a bus stop he smelled like clam chowder and kept asking me to pet his cat (he didn’t have a cat (he said he wouldn’t sell to
me if I didn’t pet his cat out of politeness (he wouldn’t be convinced he didn’t have a cat (but he did have a knife)))) and come to think of it I don’t even remember White Noise ever playing in theaters anywhere.
Oh and before before that, like before the movie even came out I had made a first ditch effort to read the book first (so I knew what I would be talking about in the first place (which we can see where and how that ended up)), in that case the issue being that the library didn’t have any available copies (since the movie was about to come out) and neither did any of the other legal areas from which I source reading material, and I eventually got my hands on a copy but don’t even ask (the cover was kind of sticky (and half the pages were missing)).

Rating? I don’t have a rating. I didn’t see White Noise (yet.) But based on what I’ve heard other people talk about other people who saw it, I’m gonna pre-rate it a solid, ehhhh 7 (or maybe an 8) out of 10? Probably? (Definitely.)

Hey have you guys seen Cocaine Bear?

Photo Credits: Ellie Van Houten