Learning Today, Teaching Tomorrow

Katherine Ramirez, Staff Writer

Chicago Public Schools attempts to “strengthen our future teacher pipeline” by developing the program Teach Chicago Tomorrow—a 4-partnership with City Colleges of Chicago, as well as other schools based in Illinois. The program is only possible due to the City Colleges of Chicago SEED Scholarship: a merit-based scholarship covering tuition, books, class materials, and individualized wrap-around services. What’s more, those scholars can eventually earn an Illinois Professional Educator License and when the time comes, will be placed on a priority list for attaining a full-time teaching job in CPS. 

With hard work, you’re practically guaranteed a stable source of income and a schedule that 9-5 workers envy (think of that free summer you will have that others will wish for); to make the deal even more enticing—this program would pay most or even all of your tuition! The opportunity is meant for Seniors who have either planned to become a teacher in the future or those who never considered the idea.

 Planning for the future is essential, and a starting salary of $60,000 and good health insurance look pretty good for a 22-23-year-old. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree in teaching and apply it to a career right here in the greatest city in the world, then this is the totally perfect program for you! You’d be giving back to the community that raised you in a meaningful profession and impact the lives of the future; hence the name: Teach Chicago Tomorrow.

So, if you ever wanted to be that teacher, the one you learned so much from, the choice is yours. If you dreamed of the life of your nicest teacher, having an entire class love you, now you can live it. CPS believes in its students, and this endeavor to strengthen its core displays the essential role education plays in our lives. That’s probably why Niche says 3 out of the top 10 best public high schools are in Chicago. Chi-town is tough to beat academically, so what better solution than to make teachers out of the intelligent individuals who have already benefited from the CPS District? This city believes in you, and the choice is yours.