SAIC Senior Portfolio Night

Ellie Van Houten, Staff Writer

The Chicago Public School’s Department of Arts Education has been hosting opportunities for CPS students to showcase their talent in both visual and performing arts through the All-City Arts program. Recently they hosted an All-City Senior Portfolio Exhibition in partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Design Museum of Chicago that provided an opportunity for students to showcase their art in front of admissions representatives from different colleges. Several Whitney Young students were featured including Madison Rozwat (‘23). She submitted a piece she titled Dancing that she made in her art senior experience. This is the caption she included with the piece: 

“Motion, connection, and a sense of freedom were what I aimed to portray through expressive strokes and overlap between the subjects. I used vivid colors to capture the vitality I feel when I dance. This piece is meaningful to me because I took reference pictures of myself (pink/red) and my friends (green/blue) from the last time we performed together before graduation.”

When asked why she selected this piece to feature, Madison explained that she chose it because it was more expressive and less technical than most of her pieces. She said it was very cool to see all of the Whitney Young students who were featured, and especially those she knew personally but wasn’t aware that they did art. Though she said the best part was “the cake pops and churros they served.”


Photo Credits: Madison Rozwat