This Years Play: Not Trap

Kat Ramirez, Culture Editor

By the time this issue is sent out, posters for this year’s school play will likely be posted. As you might have guessed, since the posters aren’t the familiar ones seen almost all of last year, the play is not Trap (3rd time isn’t a charm in this case). The Young Company is thrilled to present something new to you: A Spare Me by A. Rey Pamatat! Unlike Trap, the content of this play isn’t a secret. Essentially, it’s about high schoolers, identity…and it’s in the distant future where clones replace people. Another exciting reason this show will be different from Trap is that you won’t have to wait nearly as long to see The Young Company’s hard work. 

Allow me to get real for a second. Last year The Young Company was fresh out of a virtual environment: a situation where putting on a school play was near impossible. In 2020 and 2021 almost all of the senior members who knew the ropes of putting on a show graduated. So  the new company was just beginning to get the hang of putting on a play during the revival of Trap. Now that the Young Company has regained its foundation, they’re ready to pick up the pace and invite you to the next show. If you think Trap was phenomenal, a production put on when The Young Company was still in learning mode, A Spare Me is about to knock your Crocs-and-then-your-socks-off!

The Young Company plans to open on November 4th and close on November 12th this year – really putting the “fall” in fall play. “But wait, why isn’t it just called this year’s play?” Because The Young Company is planning on putting on not one, but two productions this school year! Hopefully, it will be like this from now on (like it used to be). There’s also a possibility that the spring show *might* be a musical–if not this year, then next year. No matter what happens, this production from Whitney Young’s theater company is one you won’t want to miss.

The Young Company 2022