Leading up to the Final Exams


Afrika Hooks

It’s almost here. The dreaded week of finals is quickly approaching. How do students feel about this? Out of all of the students surveyed for this article, none of them are very confident about the exams. However, none of them completely lack confidence either. Therefore, many students fall somewhere in between. 

Many students are concerned about final exams for various reasons. This year, the final exam schedule is very different than usual. This year, the final exam schedule is very different. “When we did finals regularly, we had about 3 finals a day and we would be done in 3 days which I thought was great because I was able to go home early and study,” says Nina Hall, ‘23. The review days are the week before finals, instead of the week of. There are 4 days of final exams, so students will take 2 exams a day instead of 3. The school day ends at 3:15, whereas in the normal schedule, the day would end early. 

Adds Bruno Nunez, ‘24, “With the new schedule I feel like it is too spread out and that I’m going to have a really long and possibly stressful week. When I take a test I want to be done with it and I feel like this schedule gives me too much to think and worry about,” continues Nina. However, many students like the new final exam schedule because of added study periods and less finals per day. “The final exam schedule is organized and helpful. It is not overbearing and [it] gives me time to study.,” says Bruno Nunez, ‘24.

During remote learning, many students have experienced technical issues and distractions. They feel as if they haven’t learned as much as they could have. “Sometimes it can be hard to review on my own, and in school it is much easier to work with classmates to review,” says Margaret Meyers, ‘21.

With all of the concerns raised about final exams, how are students preparing for them? Some ways that students are preparing include reviewing notes, looking over study guides, doing practice problems, and working with tutors. Although remote learning has been difficult for many students, they can make the best out of the resources available at home.