Visit Our Libraries

Mariela Leon, Staff

Libraries are there for our communities and supporting them is important. Libraries are great places where you can borrow books, movies, music, and more for free. Whether you need a book for class, or you want to catch up on your favorite manga, the library has it all! Not only do they have unlimited resources and information, they also are great quiet places for whenever you need some alone time to focus.

The Chicago Public Library has about 77 neighborhood branches around the city and more than 5 million books that you can check out and read anytime you want. They are also places that hold a lot of history and tell us a lot about the city we live in. But if you don’t like reading or sitting in a quiet place for a long time, the library still has stuff for you! Every branch has many events going on all year round.

If you go to the official Chicago Public Library website you can find out about all the different events for all age groups going on at different branches. These events include all sorts of things like watching movies, learning how to crochet, free homework help, job hunting help, and much much more. If you’re not sure what your local branch is then on the website you can put in your zip code or address and it’ll show you all the libraries closest to you. 

Some of the resources the library has is YOUmedia. Libraries have this program in almost every branch, young people can have a space where they can hang out, meet other kids in their neighborhood, participate in fun activities and much more. There are resources where people can learn new skills like using a 3D printer and making fun projects. Or maybe you just want to play video games or listen to music, that’s okay too! If you don’t want to leave your house a lot or can’t frequently visit the library but still want to read books and get recommendations then you can use overdrive and hoopla. When you get your free library card you have access to the library’s digital collection and a membership to overdrive and hoopla where you can borrow eBooks, music, movies and more for free online. Why pay for audible? 

This might seem like a lot of information, and it is just the tip of the iceberg, but libraries are great places that are there for our communities and give amazing resources for free. By visiting your library, getting a library card, and just walking around you’re already contributing so much to your neighborhood. Libraries are magical places that can cater to everyone, so next time you and your friend are bored go to the nearest library and walk around and see what they got. Just don’t forget- SHHHHHHH!!

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