The Bachelor Season 25, hit or miss?

Nia Lambert

Matt James is ABC’s new Bachelor’s heartthrob and even more notably the first Black Bachelor. The Bachelors 25th season kicked off on January 4th attracting 4.58 million viewers on its first night. If you are not familiar with the Bachelor the goal of the show is for the Bachelor, Matt, to find a woman he wants to marry. The girls go on dates to get to know Matt, and all stay in a home together. At the end of each week, a certain number of girls are given a rose, whoever does not receive a rose must go home. “I have never watched the bachelor but this season seems more interesting,” intriguingly says Nyla Williams ‘23.

This season there was more interest than ever with a total of thirty-two girls. The girls on this show are truly like no others, the drama is completely over the top, but honestly, that’s what makes it enjoyable. The main character everyone is talking about is Victoria who addresses herself as a Queen and is your typical high school means girl, wh

o will do anything for the popular boy. Pairing this with girls who are more quiet and introverted is a recipe for drama. “I’m unsure about this season, especially the girls. most of them seem mean but they’re very motivated to build connections with Matt, so that’s good,” said Jada Middleton ‘21.

Personally, I always thought this show had a weird concept but this season drew me in like never before. The idea that a woman has to impress a man is very misogynistic which I still can not get past. What drew me in this season was the fact that not only is Matt the first Black Bachelor, he also has a different past than many on the show previously. Matt grew up with a single mom and struggles to know what a healthy relationship should look like and has never been on the series in the past. Most people who are the Bachelorette or Bachelor have been on one of the ABC shows previously. “I like Matt. I think he truly does want to find love. He seems cool and is forming strong connections,” eagerly said Maya Lambert ‘24. There are also way more women of color this year which thoroughly made the show more interesting.

The Bachelor can be watched on various streaming platforms, the most popular being ABC on cable and Hulu. Next week Monday episode five will air; each episode can be up to two hours,  which makes The Bachelor a perfect show to binge!