Top 10 canceled shows to binge-watch

Dayana Alvarado, Author/Editor


We all have time, so these are some shows that were canceled too soon and one show that deserved to be canceled but you should still watch to see how bad it was.


10. Superstore

This comedy show that aired on NBC since 2015 is coming to an end, after its sixth season. It follows employees at a Walmart look-alike store, but it mainly focuses on Amy a single mother trying to not quit her job every day because of her coworkers. Great show to watch if you’re in the mood for some dry humor.


Undeclared, is about college students just living the everyday struggles of being a student socially and academically. It aired in 2001 and stars a whole bunch of now well know actors such as Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel.

8. Teenage Bounty Hunters

This Netflix series that was meant to go big was canceled a couple of months after it was released. The 2020 series shows two sisters as they get recruited to be bounty hunters, it portrays how they deal with having a difficult job while still being students. Not one of the best Netflix originals but it sure does make you wonder about the qualifications in order to be a show on Netflix.

7. The Get Down

Highly underrated show, Netflix fans are still upset at the cancellation of this amazing show. Everything about it made sense, the cast, the production design, and most importantly the plot left fans wanting more. This 2016 musical shows New York during a time when hip-hop was getting its rise and how it grew through young people in the city.

6. Castlerock

Castle Rock, a Hulu series that began in 2018, created by Stephen King, released a year after IT. If you like horror and mystery this is the show for you. We follow a mysterious town that Henry Deaver, a former resident, has to come back to. Bonus points if you are a Stephen King fan, a bunch of locations and things talked about in the show will seem familiar to you if you are.

5. The Walking Dead

One of the longer shows on this list, if you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? The walking dead quickly became a cult classic, and although the later seasons are debated to go downhill in quality, I believe it is still worth watching. The show is an adaptation to a graphic novel and it follows Rick Grimes as he tried to survive a zombie apocalypse.

4. Red Band Society

Another underrated show, aired in 2015, Red Band Society follows teenage hospital patients as they are trying to live while doing their best to survive. In the first episode alone you will see each character develop and they will make you want to see them succeed in their recovery.

3. Freaks and Geeks

Although this show aired in 1999, it is still very relatable and so addictive, the show is about Lindsay, a high school student, becoming friends with a group of so-called freaks and her brother being friends with geeks. Another one of those shows that stars a whole bunch of now well-known actors like Linda Cardellini, James Franco, and Seth Rogan.

2. The Society

One of the biggest mistakes Netflix has ever made, in my opinion, is canceling this show. This 2019 show was so close to the release date for season two when they canceled it. It was such a good teenage show. This group of students get trapped in their town with no adults, and with no idea why. They must somehow survive, grow up and try to figure out what happened to them. Hopefully, another network picks this show back up.

1. High Fidelity 

Last but not least, the BIGGEST mistake Hulu has ever made. I firmly believe this was the best show to come out during 2020. This show was a remake of the 2000’s movie High Fidelity. It was ten times better than it though. It was about Robyn, played by Zoë Kravitz, tracing her way through her top five breakups to find out why she isn’t so good with relationships. It was diverse, relatable, and once again the production design was so modern. It also ended right when Robyn was making some amazing character development, more than what Rob (main character in the High Fidelity movie), did in the whole movie. 


Alright, now that you know some of the best shows that ended too soon, you can watch them back to back. A perfect list for someone who doesn’t have the attention span to watch a long series. So if you like to have your heart shattered after getting attached to characters because you abruptly get shut out of their world, then I hope you enjoy these shows.