Five Affordable Halloween Costumes to wear this Spooky Season

Joseph Cumpian

As you all know, the best holiday of the year is right around the corner… that’s right: Halloween! Of course, things are going to be a bit different this year, as you won’t be seeing adorable little witch hats floating around the city or four foot tall ghosts walking around with candy-filled pillow cases, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing a costume! That’s why we’ve made this list of five, on-trend, affordable costumes for you to wear this year.

#1 – Maddy – Euphoria

Whether or not she was your favorite character on HBO’s hit teen series, Euphoria, there is no denying that Maddy strutted in some of the best outfits that we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Carly Garrett ’21 remarked in an interview that “Maddy Perez is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters that streaming television has ever seen, and a lot of young girls are incredibly inspired by her style and attitude,” which we cannot argue with! From the iconic hip slitted leggings to the sheer, glitter covered crop-tops, there are a number of costume ideas that you can affordably pull off inspired by our favorite fashionista. Just grab a sports bra, a pair of scissors, and an old pair of black leggings and get to cutting!

#2 Toilet Paper Mummy

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing scarier than a full grown person completely wrapped in toilet paper. Whether you want to play it off as a mummy costume or an evil troll sourced from the bottom of your toilet, there’s a number of creative ideas that you can come up with just by using a nice roll of TP. Now, while we want you to have fun with this one, don’t go and TP people’s houses. Save it for the costume, not the community… 

#3 Jim – The Office

Now, who doesn’t love Jim from Netflix’s The Office. He’s a sweetheart, a cutie, and… well, let’s just say his outfits aren’t that hard to replicate. Joey Loranger ’22 told us in an interview that “Jim is one of my all-time favorite characters from The Office. His style is definitely pretty basic, too, so I’m planning on dressing as Jim this Halloween.” So, if you’re a big fan of The Office and are in need of a quick and affordable costume, simply grab a powder blue button-down, a pair of slacks, and fat, black tie and you’re our favorite nine to fiver, Jim.

#4 Sheet Ghost

Ah, the classic sheet ghost. One of the most beloved, simple, and affordable options for this year’s halloween. Thanks to a major trend on TikTok, as well, you no longer have to feel shame in going with the most basic costume of all! Just take an old sheet, play Jack Stauber’s Oh Klahoma, and cut two nicely sized eye holes for your costume. Maybe, parade around your block once or twice (safely, of course) to show off your amazing costume, take a few self-timer pics, and watch some scary movies while wrapped in that same sheet.

#5 Any Character from Outer Banks

Undoubtedly the biggest Netflix hit of 2020, OBX has all your favorite characters, and all the easiest outfits to pull off. Gigi Cumpian ’23 mentioned in an interview that “Kiara from OBX is my favorite character in the show. Her style is so easy yet so cute, and I can’t wait to dress as her this spooky season.” As a matter of fact, the Pogues of the show are supposed to have an easy and affordable wardrobe, so you shouldn’t feel any pressure to step it up and spend big money on a costume this year. Just take your most beat up oversized tee, a pair of soffes, and maybe a polo if you’re going for that Kook look, and call it a day!


So, now that you’ve got all these great, affordable, and on-trend options to go with for this year’s spooky season, you have absolutely no excuse to be costumeless this Halloween. So, whether you’re going to be scissoring it up and getting crafty with one of these costumes, or simply throwing on a sheet or a t-shirt, you’ll have an awesome costume that all your Instagram followers will adore. Happy Halloween!

– J