The year 2020

The year 2020

Laura Garcia

Hands – wash them often, Elbows –  cough in them, Face – don’t touch it, Feet – stay more than three feet apart, Feel sick? Stay home. The unforgettable and unexpected pandemic Covid-19 that changed the idea of how the year 2020 was going to be and the future of the Earth. Schools are closing, food and supplies shortages are occurring and people feel that the end is near but is it really? 

People across stores seem to be panicking and stocking up on supplies. Many seem to be stocking up on hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, water, and most importantly toilet paper because apparently people believe that Covid-19 makes you use the bathroom so much that it is necessary to stock up and leave others with nothing to clean themselves with. Maybe the end is near in the bathroom of course. 

Students seem to be the ones mostly affected aside from those sick. Alondra L. Varillas said, “Well, there goes my freshman year experience.” Students are devastated to hear that AP testing is probably going to be canceled, seniors are dumbfounded that luncheon is cancelled and are hoping that prom is not. Will seniors be having prom in their rooms on a computer screen or will they be in a room full of other students in their wonderful hazmat suits on the dance floor? “I am so excited to be able to show off my dress on face-time with my friends.” states Isabella Aguilar ‘20. 

It may feel like a very depressing time for many, but nothing to worry, many countries are working to find a cure to this devastating Pandemic that has ruined many lives and is keeping many countries in quarantine. Don’t forget to not eat all your food because you’re bored.