A Deeper Look Into the Dance IV Show

Mae Jiang, Editor

The annual Whitney Young Studio to Stage Dance IV Show occured on Friday, February 7. It included entirely student-choreographed dances of varying styles, including contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. The class had been working on the show since November. There were a total of 12 pieces. 


Let’s take a deeper look into one of the pieces: February Dance by Simone Hoekstra, a modern dance.


“My piece didn’t really have a deep meaning or anything, I was basically just creating a dance to my style of movement. I wanted the piece to give off the vibe that everyone is just dancing around like they’re stuck in a dream. I got some inspiration from other choreography I’ve done at Joffrey Ballet. Although the process of choreographing and teaching was stressful at times, it was a great experience overall,” said choreographer Simone Hoekstra ‘21.


“Some parts of Simone’s piece were pretty challenging to learn, but I think it turned out really well in the end. I had so much fun rehearsing and performing for the show,” remarked dancer Naomi Wu, ‘20.


“I wasn’t in Simone’s piece, but I really enjoyed seeing the movement come together into the final end product, with all the formations, lighting, and music. It’s just a really beautiful dance to watch,” stated dancer Skye Sullivan, ‘23.


The show seemed to be a great experience overall for dancers, choreographers, and audience members alike. Let’s hope next year’s show is even better!


A photo from February Dance