Course Fair, Course Fair, Read All About It!


Sylvia Love, Writer

Are you confused as to what classes you should take next year? That’s just fine, of course, especially if you are going to take 21st Century Multimedia which teacher Mr. Rehak says is “a class where you can use your creativity and destress.”You could have figured out what other classes to look deeper into after attending the very first course fair to happen here at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. This roughly hour long fair took place after school ended on December 19th, 2019. It gave students a chance to begin planning out their next year of jail…I mean school. Each department of classes was represented by one or two teachers including the Social Science department, English, Arts, and many more. “I think it’s nice. I wish we had these when I wasn’t about to graduate, “ says Tristan Stevens ‘20. I agree! As a fellow senior, I feel an event like this would have saved me lots of trips to my counselors office. Lindsay Williams ‘21 says, “It’s nice to easily find out what classes I can choose to get my required credits. There’s a lot of options”! So to those that are not being freed, I mean graduating next year: I hope you got something out of the fair because you can’t do everything even though they are all tough choices.