Thriller Flashmob

Ania Szydlowski, Editor

Although the last day of the CTU Strike was on Halloween, that did not stop the Whitney Young Dance Department from performing Thriller at school! On Wednesday, November 6th, the dance classes appeared in Red House, Blue House, and on the bridge to perform the classic Halloween flashmob in front of the Whitney Young student body. Unlike previous years, the students were not expecting the flashmob to happen because Halloween had past. “I thought holding the Thriller performance after Halloween didn’t make much sense at first, but it was still fun to watch and I think it turned out really well,despite the change. Overall, I’m glad the Dance Department chose to do it,” noted Michelle Zhang ‘20. The students were surprised yet again when they saw Dr. Kenner dressed up in support of the dancers. 

Amaja Craft ‘20 states, “It was so fun seeing Dr. Kenner in Blue House watching the dancers because her support to the performing arts means so much to the students.”

 “I thought the Thriller dance was very high quality. A lot of the dancers really performed the piece to the extent it needed to be. They were amazing,” explains Miclo Gonzalez ‘20. 

The Dance Department brought Whitney Young all of the Halloween vibes that we couldn’t celebrate together during the strike, and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.