Whatcha Chewin


Kai Ramirez

There’s always a point during the day when you need some gum. Whether you forgot to brush your teeth in the morning, just had some garlic onion pistachios for lunch, or just want something to chew on. Hopefully you have your own but if not, you must ask somebody and hope they are kind enough to give you some. But what flavors are the best?

The type of gum you want may vary depending on the mood or time of day. Fruity? Minty? Gum good for blowing bubbles? There are so many different kinds. Gum has also been studied and it has been known to increase concentration and decrease stress. Sounds perfect for a school environment if you ask me! I asked Omar Torres ‘21 about his favorite gum and when he chews it. “Extra Extra Mint Gum. There’s something satisfying about it. When I pull out the green gum package I just feel the need to chew. I usually eat gum after lunch, or before my math class,” he said. What’s your favorite gum? Does it help you stay focused during those long math classes? Leave a comment below.