Should Junior Varsity Students at Whitney Young Be Given Instructional Support During P.E. Periods?

Vahan Vanderpoel, Editor

Recently a friend of mine brought to my attention the concern that JV athletes are not given an option to have an instructional support period while varsity players are given the choice. “I think that JV players should get an instructional support during P.E. periods because they usually do the same amount of work and have to go to the same practices as Varsity players”, said David Santana ‘20, a Whitney Young varsity volleyball player. When I asked a former Whitney Young soccer player, Carlos Rico ‘20 about the idea, he responded,”I think so.” I also asked Anthony Hernandez ‘20 who has not played sports for the school and he said,”I think the JV athletes deserve just as much respect as the ackies but the rugby team should definitely be given the instructional support option.” 

Overall it seems that Whitney Young students who play JV sports have an almost equal practice experience as varsity players and students feel like they should be given the same choice of instructional support. Other students feel like this isn’t necessary because JV games are not as important as varsity games and these students don’t have. What do you think? Should JV students be given instructional support instead of P.E. , or should the option stay as it is, just for varsity players?