Where is Flip?

Natalia Perez

Has anyone else noticed that Flip the Dolphin has been absent from recent pep rallies? This made me wonder: where has this dolphin gone? This also made me realize that there is a lot of mystery on the subject of our mascot. So I went on a manhunt – or should I say dolphinhunt – for our beloved school’s representative.

First, I talked to Mr. Peterson and Ms. Pircon who coach the girls swim team. According to Pircon, “I have not seen Flip come down to the pool since February. The mammal usually likes to watch the team swim laps during practice and cheer them on but the dolphin hasn’t been here recently. I was starting to wonder what’s up. It isn’t like the cheerful fellow to disappear like this.”She didn’t seem to have any clue where Flip has gone so I decided to continue looking for answers.

I conversed with the senior class president, Rebecca Reid ‘19, about the missing dolphin. She seemed concerned, “Flip is so involved in all of our pep rallies. I always see the dolphin dancing around. I hope nothing bad has happened.” This brought up the striking question – has someone kidnapped Flip the Dolphin? Is it because all of the attention the animal gets? Can this be a crime of jealousy? One can only guess at this point. I decided to go to the one and only Dr. Kenner to see what she had to say about one of her very own going missing.

Dr. Kenner defensively said, “I have been in room 355 the past few months every day after school having various meetings with teachers and students so I have not seen anything regarding this alleged disappearance. Whoever wishes to speak to me about this supposed incident may come down and speak with me. I would like to get to the bottom of this as much as you do. I assure you that our school is a secure and safe environment for all who stroll these halls.”

With no luck cracking the case – who do you think took Flip? Or is he just off for another swim in the ocean? Guess we’ll never know. Unless there’s anything false about something that was said in one of my interviews. Hopefully Flip comes back soon!