Modest HIGH School Proposal

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With a recent rise in marijuana use among high school students, a plethora of very high high schoolers are receiving harsh consequences for using, and even possessing the popular hallucinogen. Yet these very students still stuff grams of strains in their backpacks with a bowl or a wrap without thinking twice about it (not that one would blame them for doing so as school can cause a serious case of buttocks pain). When found with the drugs on school grounds, students have their lockers raided and are suspended or expelled from school. Administrators even confiscate the contraband when found, leaving the students with nothing to flame up.

During early 2011, a teen named Chancelor was providing a young lady with a weed and a blunt, and smoking with her too. The girl randomly tapped out and said to him, “I don’t even want to smoke anymore”, as she handed him the blunt. He then stashed it in his backpack thinking nothing of it.

The next day came, and as Chancelor walked through his high school’s courtyard and the first door, he realized the blunt was still in his bag and instantly turned back around. He walked about three blocks away from the school to a local smoke spot in a “random cut” and happened to see his fellow comrades there. They all agreed upon smoke Chancelor’s marijuana and began a session.

Out of nowhere, the school’s security guard came around the corner and told the group, “let’s go!” He didn’t even notice the group was smoking at the time, but regardless his intentions were to have Chancelor arrested and suspended for 10 days, which both happened.

Yet and still, a 2016 report by Project Known found that in 29 out of 50 states, teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana than binge drink. This makes marijuana the more popular substance among teenagers nationwide, as teen marijuana use has been steadily increasing for the past 10. years. According to a scholarly article issued by the Marijuana Legalization Association (MLA), 46% of high school students who regularly use marijuana reported being caught with the drug on campus. Therefore, use of the most popular drug among high school students in the past decade is being frowned upon by school districts across the country for how it helps regulate body weight, promotes lung capacity, relieves symptoms of anxiety, and inspires creativity.

If students were required by schools systems to begin smoking at a developed age such as 10 and continue throughout high school, these positive effects would be much more prominent.

Marijuana does a great job of increasing creativity which art teachers of more than 20 years have confirmed is at an all time low. There are also many health benefits of marijuana, both physically and psychologically. Not to mention, more marijuana use usually causes a decrease in the dangerous use of alcohol.

After long-term use, high school students will experience a better overall sense of well-being, as documented by several regular smokers interviewed within the past 5 years.. Additionally, if most schools considered putting time aside in the morning, before the school day even starts, or even time aside every few class periods, there’d be much better attendance, as a statistical study by the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) proves. Teachers and students of all different races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, sizes, sexual orientations, and religions would have a commonality to bond over; creating peace and harmony throughout the hell halls of high school. Not to mention, smokers and sellers will have a safe environment to smoke in, rather than doing so in creepy, disgusting places, all in an attempt not to get caught with marijuana; as there are over 100,000 smoke spots over the world which are below international health and safety standards, as confirmed by the IHS website. Most importantly, high schoolers will stop getting in trouble for choosing to smoke or sell lousy dime bags in school.

There may be concerns about where the funds for such a potentially repetitious program would come; however, for students who need it, there is always matching. Matching is the act of putting an equal amount of money to the dope, so that all who have done so can share what has been purchased, and participate in a session. There can also be “free days” where if the student cannot be smoked out, they can sit in and get a contact high. And any concerns relating to the age which students are to begin smoking are invalid due to the fact that students will build a minor tolerance to small amounts of marijuana before they are allowed to smoke larger amounts, such as a whole gram or two.

Many high school students need money for personal reasons and as the parents of (post)millennials, it would be considerate to try to understand how hard it is for these poor students to sell marijuana for profit. The long hours spent bagging each sawbuck, dub, and trey-five. Being a young entrepreneur is not easy, but with the support of the school system and parents, students trying to pursue such a lifestyle may find it much more manageable.

High school students are also suffering from mental disorders in increasingly large numbers, so if a blaze a day will keep the pain away, wouldn’t you want to see it happen?

Nonetheless, this could mean so much for the world. Having teens in the world with a better well-being means having teens who care more about others and want to do more good in the world. This plan also puts teens in a position to make money before they go off to college, giving them the chance to graduate debt-free if they have not already received a full-ride for the creativity smoking sparks in them. Knowing that they’re helping these teen achieve these great accomplishments will help adults to feel they’ve done something good for the world, giving them a sense of integrity rather than despair; and knowing that the setting of the program would be in school would only give parents more reassurance, which they desperately need both of. I truly have no means of self interest in this plan as I can already smoke in the peace of my home, I am not a drug dealer and have no means of taking on the profession as my bank account prospers, and I am also well past the age of 10 years old.