Time To Go, Cody Parkey


Paul Thomas

Cody Parkey has cost the bears a chance at the Super Bowl and he faced a lot of hate from the fans for it. He got booed out of the stadium by the world’s most loyal fans. It was hard to imagine him staying another year in Chicago and retaining his position as the starting kicker. But the true story of this season is when he went on a tour to try and defend himself because he was receiving so much hate. The coach of the bears team, Matt Nagy, and the manager, Ryan Pace, were strongly defending him as they stood and told reporters he was still their guy. Everything changed when he went on the Tonight Show to tell his story, which angered Matt and Ryan, because they felt that he was not being apart of the team and he was only doing that for himself in order to increase his fame and make more money. Even though Nagy and Pace stood by his side when he was at his lowest point. Matt Nagy says, “ That was not very team-player like of him.” Isaac Acosta, 19’  says,” he let the entire fanbase down with that kick and now he wants us to feel sorry for him.” But the fact is that Parkey let fans down for the entirety of the season. Parkey missed 11 kicks in the season, earning him the ranking as one of the worst kickers in the National Football League. Leo Sanger, 23’ says, “I can not respect his decision because he tried to stand out instead of stepping up and talking to the team.” Parkey’s actions clearly show how Cody Parkey is trying to make money. He’s not showing himself to be a team player, which is leading to his inevitable downfall.