Dixon O’ Banion

Gabriel Regalado, Writer, Editor

Dixon O’ Banion, a man of many talents. An actor, singer, athlete, and ivy league student. I’ve been friends with him since my freshman year and slowly but surely we got closed together. Christion Rice 18’ said,” Yea bro Dixs is the man.” I feel like i’ve known him for most of my life since many of my dearest moments i’ve had, have been with shared with him. Dixon has taught me to be myself and to praise the spotlight. I met Dixon my freshman year because of the soccer team. As the second string goalkeeper, Dixon still worked like no other trying to make the first eleven. The peak of his soccer career was his senior year. When we reached the semifinal of the Cps City tournament but we sadly lost by one goal. Dixon saved us so many times, gave us victories, and energy. Something that the soccer team needed as a program. Dixon was also with me at Lollapalooza. He’s also a close friend of my close friends so we could all intermingle eventually. Eric Catania 18’ said,” Dixon is so rad mate.” Dixon is a person who you can trust. Not only to keep secrets but to motivate you with his own energy. Dixon is not only a noteworthy person, hes bookworthy with all his energy and passion to do things. Teaching me to be focused on a goal with so much enthusiasm is something worth learning. At times, things seem difficult but if we endure, amazing this happen. Dixon taught me to keep my hopes alive. For that, I will be forever grateful.