Cold Weather Ahead

Natalia Perez

With five inches of snow this past weekend and temperatures at a record low, Chicagoans have officially stepped into the reality that it really is winter! Whether the weather makes you want to run outside and jump into the snow or stay snuggled up in your bed- it looks like we have to face the cold days that are ahead of us.

Who’s ready for the snow? Ciara Lynch ‘19 said, “I’m still on the fall mindset. I had to bring out my winter clothes and I was less ready than I expected.” What about the people who love the snow? “I like snow but I hope it isn’t still snowing by my birthday, which is March 3. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle the winters at WashU next year!” David Bradford asserts. There seems to be mixed reviews of how the weather has been treating people.

Among these stressful last few months, all this snow sparks the question for snow days. “I was hoping for a snow day but we already have Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.” says Kimmy Vu-Smith ‘21. Looks like we might not be so lucky this year. Winter officially started December 21. We have had some super chilly days before that but not to this extent. Like it or not, this is part of living in Chicago. You’d think us teenagers would be used to it by now. Hopefully everyone is safe out there and makes sure to bundle up for the cold days ahead of us.