United States calls for all nations to cut ties with North Korea

Angel Benitez, Exec. Writer

January 29, 2018

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Photo Courtesy of  AFP-JIJ North Korea launched their first missile test in over two months this Wednesday. The newly designed ballistic missile was launched in the early hours Wednesday morning. South Korea and Japan watch...

January Coffeehouse

January Coffeehouse

January 25, 2018

What Is Time’s Up?

What Is Time’s Up?

January 19, 2018

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Up With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Kellianne Bazzell

January 17, 2018

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1: Write It Down When you write something down, it helps you remember it a lot better and creates a more formal and official feeling. Taking the time and energy to write down your goal is going to help you take the time and ...

Oprah Perhaps Running for President?

Enrique Eguiguren

January 1, 2018

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  Kanye West. The Rock. Donald Trump. Now, apparently, Oprah. No one was going to vote for Kanye, not anyone who would make an impact on the vote. The Rock would’ve announced he wasn’t staying in the race after he...

Net Neutrality

Olisa Ausara-Lasaru

December 18, 2017

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    This Thursday, Government representatives will vote on the issue of Net Neutrality, and decide whether to repeal it or not. Many people may not even be familiar with the term ‘net neutrality’ because it...

What the F.C.C’s Net Neutrality Decision Really Means

Jai Primer

December 18, 2017

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Recently, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the issue of net neutrality. Many people don’t even know what net neutrality is and how it affects them, but it is an important, wide-reaching concept. First, net neutrality ...

Top 5 Christmas Movies To Watch This December

Kellianne Bazzell

December 7, 2017

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1: Home Alone (2) Almost every kid of our generation has seen this movie at least once. Home Alone and its sequel are and always will be Christmas classics. Even with two whole movies, it’s hard to grow tired of the series...

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